GRHIIT (High Intensity Workout)

tuesDAYs @ 6:15pm • 45 MINUTES

Fit & Female's Signature Workout that combines High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with Cardio. This is not your average "bootcamp"! Based on the personality trait, Grit, possessed by people who demonstrate PASSION & PERSEVERANCE towards a goal despite going through obstacles. Those who make it through are said to possess GRIT! Sound familiar? Working out isn't easy, it aint pretty. It sucks, its uncomfortable. It hurts. But once you make it to the end you feel better than you did before you started. I invite you to GRHIIT, the HIIT workout that challenges you, but at the end, you leave feeling STRONG. MOTIVATED. & HAPPY. 

*See schedule for class days and times