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reFRESH & rejuvenate spring 2019 retreat
march 24, 2019 II 9:30am-3:00pm

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Fit and Female Fitness Program

Our mission is to promote healthy lifestyles by providing a safe, energetic, and upbeat fitness expereience, where you leave feeling STRONG. MOTIVATED. & HAPPY. Join our community as we vibe out to our live DJ and 45 min Circuit Training and HIIT Workouts ! 


One-on-One Sessions

Work with me each week to get in a 50-minute private session to not only help you feel your best, but to look your best too. Work with me at any park or outdoor area. Very convenient! These sessions are put in place to accent your daily routine, hold you accountable, keep you on track despite scheduling conflicts and to provide you with fresh workouts. Life is always changing so your needs will be too. 


Semi-Private Training

The beauty of Semi-Private Personal Training is that all clients still receive a personal training workout! Our Semi Private Personal Training sessions are not cookie cutter programs, where everyone is doing the same workout. The programs we offer are unique to the client and their own personal goals. Having your partner along side you working out, is much more fun than training on your own. Achieve your goals faster and get the motivation you need with a workout partner. Share the cost and push together toward a common goal - working out has never been more fun, or more rewarding, limited to groups of 2 people. 


Small Group Training

The small group training programs provide the best of both worlds: you get personalized attention from your trainer, but you’re also working out with your friends and never feel singled out. Doing the program with others holds you accountable for your workouts and provides excellent motivators who are going through the same thing you are. Everyone will be learning and working out on the level that is best suited for them. Small Group Training  will give you a fresh perspective and add new motivation to your workout. You will learn how to sculpt and tone your body and push yourself to new levels in groups limited to groups of 3-6 people


Fitness Solutions for the Workplace

In an effort to fight rising healthcare costs, companies across America are taking a closer look at their employee wellness offerings. Learn how Fit and Female can help.