Why It Works


High Intensity Interval Training 

Backed by the science of Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (or EPOC), Fit and Female's Interval Training is designed to maintain a target zone that stimulates metabolism and increases energy. You burn calories, even after the workout it over.* Program participants can burn an estimated 500 to 1,000 calories in 45 minutes.* *And keep burning calories for up to 36 hours.***

*Including the burn after the class. **Individual results may vary.
**Based on intensity level, participants can burn an expected average of 15-20% more calories above their standard resting calorie burn.


 A Community for Everyone

Whether you’re an experienced athlete or just starting your fitness journey, Fit and Female is designed for all fitness levels. Our experienced coaches provide options that allow you to safely perform movements that work around any physical issues. You set your own pace. 


Coach Support

At Fit and Female, you’ll get the energy of a group workout with the attention of an experienced personal coach either Tiffany, or one of our amazing guest coaches that we bring in to lead a session. We do our best to find the most knowledgeable coaches and keep educating ourselves on the latests industry trends. We are committed to helping you meet your fitness goals! 


Something Different 

Upbeat music from our professionally mixed playlists from our in-house DJ, motivational coaches, and beautiful outdoor scenery for selected classes make the Fit and Female outdoor environment the most energetic fitness experience around. Each class comes with complementary post-work out cool down service for convenience and comfort. Our courteous staff is there to help answer any questions you may have complete your Fit and Female experience.