One-On-One Training Sessions

30 II 60 Min Private Sessions 


Interested in a more personal experience? We can help with that! We have Private training options to develop a program fitted specifically to meet your needs. Reach your goals faster with our professional training program. We will customize a program specifically for you, with your goals in mind - whether you want be stronger, lose weight, increase energy or just feel better - get the support, knowledge and motivation you need to get there.  If interested, schedule a free fitness assessment now to get the ball rolling! 




5 / $225

8 / $500

15 / $750


5 / $425

8 / $775

15 / $925


Prepare For Your First Session

Come to your first session with some pre-set, specific goals. If you are unsure of exactly what you want, let your coach know. They are there to help you figure it out and quantify your goals so you can track and measure them, and therefore, reach them.

Prepare to learn. The end of the first session generally teaches you something about how your body moves and/or addresses a movement imbalance or specific muscle you’d like to focus on.

It’s more than just fitness. Expect to talk a little about your eating habits and come prepared with a few questions about supplementation or nutrition in general.

Work on your form. A trainer might ask you to do a movement assessment to see if there are any issues. For example, they may ask you to squat, lunge and hold a plank to assess and adjust your form to make sure it’s safe before you start adding weight.



One FREE Fitness Assessment to determine your custom fitness program.

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We understand that sometimes you reserve a spot in a class and are unable to make it. You may cancel up to 24 hours prior to the start of a scheduled session to maintain your session on your account. If you cancel less than 24 hours prior to the session start time, the session will be forfeited. This policy helps to keep you accountable for your workout while also ensuring time is available for clients who would like to train.